Microsoft 365 is a powerful platform for businesses of all sizes, but it can sometimes be challenging to manage its various features, especially when it comes to mailbox storage. Recently one of our clients encountered a common issue – their mailbox had reached its maximum capacity. This issue can cause significant problems for businesses, as it can result in the loss of important emails and decreased productivity. We understand how critical it is for businesses to have reliable and efficient email communication, which is why our team of experts took immediate action to resolve this issue. We used Windows PowerShell to configure the admin settings for the user's Microsoft 365 account and assigned an additional 10GB of storage to the archive mailbox to prevent any short-term loss of emails.

In addition to this, we configured the archive mailbox to auto-expand to a maximum of 1.5TB as needed, to ensure that the issue wouldn’t arise again in the future. This feature is extremely useful as it eliminates the need for manual storage management and ensures that the user’s mailbox will always have enough space to store their emails.

We’re proud of the work that we did to resolve this issue for our client and are confident that this solution will help businesses of all sizes manage their Microsoft 365 mailbox storage with ease. If you’re facing a similar issue, or just want to optimize your Microsoft